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Green Dentistry

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Environmental Dentistry

White Dentistry

Metal-Free Implantology

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Environmental Dentistry

Environmental dentistry includes a scientifically substantiated and comprehensive dental treatment of chronically ill patients as well as individual preventive treatment concepts for healthy people. The goal is to detect immunological and toxicological influence factors, such as material incompatibility or undiscovered chronically inflammations, using modern technology, and therefore healing or avoiding diseases outside the oral cavity.

“Swiss Dental Health” – Our practice close to Zürich is the first dental clinic in Switzerland specialized on this topics.

Metal-Free Implantology

Dental Implants made from modern bio-ceramics enable us today to consequently implement metal free dental implants, even including implantology. Due to the rapid technological development in the areas of material, design and treatment concepts the Zirconium Implants are of equal quality as the titanium implants. Ceramic implants not only look better because of their white coloring but they also have an excellent bio compatibility – a guarantee for healthy tissue

“Swiss Dental Health” – Our practice close to Zurich has specialized in treatment with metal-free dentures and ceramic implants

Dr. Tartsch is Member of the Board of Directors of




Childrens are young adults and we treat them seriously and with the same respect as an adult! Therefore we like to take the timenecessary for your child to feel comfortable at our office.

Anxiety Patients

Are you afraid of the dentist? The drill or the sounds? Where does that anxiety come from? What can you do against it? We take you seriously and make sure that we find a way which works for you and make you feel at home